Cassandra Rooms

Interactice social web VR space, 2022

Cassandra Rooms is a future bound fantasyland, a spatial metaphor for human existence. The interactive WebVR space consists of a series of rooms illustrating snapshots of human life, such as birth, religion, human suffering, animal suffering, and death. Just like Cassandra, who was cursed to be able to predict the future without being believed, it seems just as impossible for us humans today to react according to our own apocalyptic visions of the Anthropo/Techno/Capitalo-scene. Cassandra Rooms is a sombre reflection on the human condition and its future.

Cassandra Rooms was created during the residency 2022 @ Societé des Arts Technologique in Montrèal, Canada.
"Funded by the Federal Government for Culture and the Media in the programme NEUSTART KULTUR NEUSTART KULTUR Modul D –Digitale Vermittlungsformate“.


 // X Genesis - Survival Machines VR will be showing next January at Deutsche Museum @ Proxy, Munich