Anke Schiemann

„I am interested in exploring new ways of narrative and shape them to immersive, surreal installations. As a filmmaker a lot of my work used to be in classical film and tv production, therefore I am familiar with the grammar of cinema as we know it for more than 100 years. My aim as an artist is to deconstruct the cinematic experience of today to find new ways of perception.“

Anke Schiemann is an artist and filmmaker based in Berlin, Germany. Anke studied Fine Arts with the focus on electronic- and lens based media in London. She was awarded a grant by the Arts and Humanities Research board in the UK to study a Master program in Production Design at film school. Anke worked for many years as a creative producer and director for companies such as Turner Broadcasting, Sony, Discovery and Viacom just to name a view. Despite her extensive experience in the commercial industry Ankes main interest always stayed deeply rooted in the art and design practice. Her films have been shown on film festivals around the world.

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