Anke Schiemann studied fine arts and production design for film and tv in London. Schiemann’s works have been shown at festivals and exhibitions around the world including the Laval Virtual Recto VRso, Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Encounters Film Festival and the Performing Arts Festival Berlin.

As a Berlin-based media artist and filmmaker, Schiemann is interested in exploring new ways of narrative and shape them to immersive, sensory installations. She likes to experiment with XR, where grammar is not established yet and much scope for experimentation to be found. With her extensive experience in classic film and TV production, Schiemann is familiar with the grammar of cinema, as we know it for more than 100 years and continues to challenge it in her work. Throughout all Schiemann’s works, animation always serves as a tool to inject a surreal element and bring fine art practice such as drawing and painting into the filmic experience. Her training as a set designer helps her to design the stage for these moments of distorted reality to take place.
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 // X Genesis - Survival Machines VR will be showing next January at Deutsche Museum @ Proxy, Munich