Anke, a media artist and filmmaker based in Berlin and Munich is interested in exploring new ways of narrative and shaping them into immersive, sensory installations. She experiments primarily with XR and spatialized sound, frequently collaborating with musicians.  Anke‘s work deals with themes of hybridization in contemporary technological utopias and speculative futures in the age of the Anthropocene. Throughout all her works, animation always serves as a tool to inject a surreal element and bring fine art practice such as drawing and painting into the filmic experience. Anke‘s background as a set designer helps her to design the stage for these moments of distorted reality to take place.

Her works have been shown at festivals and exhibitions around the world including the Centre Pompidou, Currents, Laval Virtual Recto VRso, SAT Montreal,  Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Encounters Film Festival and the Performing Arts Festival Berlin. She received scholarships from the British Arts and Humanities Research Council, the German Künstlerbund and the Research Institute of the Deutsche Museum, Munich. Please download CV  here.

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