Gravitational Waves

a sound sculpture in VR (ongoing)

a collaboration with composer Jean Delouvroy

"Gravitational Waves" is a sound sculpture that has been brought to life in the virtual reality realm. This immersive experience allows you to explore the intricacies of sound and movement by walking around transforming objects of primordial nature that each embody certain elements of the sound composition. The musical composition has no traditional formal structure, melody or time signature. It could be described as an abstract form, an invisible powerful force that moves by itself into an infinite dark 3D space. With growing intensity and density in the sound composition, the mass of the visible elements transforms and finally evaporates into clouds of particles and energy. In astrophysics gravitational waves are a type of wave that propagates through space and time, carrying energy as ripples in the fabric of the universe itself. These waves are created by the acceleration of massive objects, such as the collision of two black holes or the explosion of a supernova. Just like gravitational waves provide a new way of observing the universe by offering a glimpse into the most violent and energetic events in the cosmos, the VR experience ist trying to create a three dimensional picture of a physical phenomenon that is hard to grasp by the human mind.