I - Machina

Single channel video projection, 2021, 5:37 min, 16:9, Sound (mit voiceover)
Dancers: Roberta Pupotto, Melli Müller
Music: Jean Delouvroy

Consciousness is the appearance of the world. The human consciousness differs from other biologically evolved phenomena fundamentally, that it makes a reality to appear in itself. Consciousness as a reality generator is the central theme of the film essay I-Machina. In a synthetic world a dancer moves graciously. Her movements are accompanied by a distorted voice which at the same time embodies our own inner voice. Her body resembles a loosely connected structure, similar to our model of reality, which can also disintegrate again at any moment.

INTERLOCK #4: sleeping awake
Curated and with works by Sarah Oh-Mock, Julia Charlotte Richter, Anke Schiemann
24. - 28.03.2021

Showing in the online Stream
“Clustered Minds” at WRONG.TV starting May 8 - June 5 2021

Our present: we seem to sleep with our eyes open. Outside, time stands still. Unreality grows while our dreams and reality simulations seem increasingly real. Similarly the protagonists in the video works of Sarah Oh Mock, Julia Charlotte Richter and Anke Schiemann oscillate between different states of consciousness. Are we entering a confused dream or rather an alternative concept of reality? Is reality as we experience it everyday just a mental stage, displaying the contents of a simulated, virtual reality?


 // X Genesis - Survival Machines VR will be showing next January at Deutsche Museum @ Proxy, Munich