“Litfass” is a poster campaign and augmented reality experience

Like dead tree stumps, they are currently being cleared out of the city. Berlin's Litfass columns, stripped of all poster adornment, are going to the hazardous waste landfill; at least the Eternit columns, whose cores are osen contaminated with asbestos.

The project "Litfass" uses the last months of the historic advertising pillar as a communication channel to address passers-by and encourage self-reflection. Litfass columns have never lived up to their full potential and could have been so much more than just an advertising pillar. When they were brought to life in 1854 by Berlin printer Ernst Litfass, there were plans to use them not only for advertising, but also for drinking fountains and urinals. Many other possibilities for the interior of the "advertising pillar" spontaneously come to mind, such as a shelter for the homeless, kiosk, etc. In the augmented poster campaign "Litass" the columns turn into transmission towers for us. Tune in!

three poster designs from the ten part series