“Litfass” is a poster campaign and augmented reality experience

Like dead tree stumps, they are currently being cleared out of the city of Berlin. The „Litfaßsäulen“ /advertising pillars, bereft of any poster jewellery, are going to the special waste landfill; At least the Eternit columns, whose cores are often burdened with asbestos.

With my project I took the opportunity to utilise those last remaining months of the historical advertising pillar as a channel to the people, to address them and make them contemplate about themselves.
I was always thinking that Litfaßsäulen never lived up to their full potential. They could have been so much more. When they were brought to life in 1854, there were plans use them not just for advertisement but also for fountains and pissoirs. But there are so many more ideas how the inside space of the “Annoncier column” as they were refered to in the early days,  could have been used like f.e. home shelters, kiosks etc. When I see Littfass pillars, I like to imagine them as portals to another dimension, another reality.They are  transmitter masts communicating to the people.

three examples of posters from the ten part series


 // X Genesis - Survival Machines VR will be showing next January at Deutsche Museum @ Proxy, Munich