Machines of Transgress

experimental fashion film

The Shaman has his drum, his dance, his symbols and his trance. The Shaman of the Sámi people lives in the rough landscapes of northern Lapland is more like a messenger than a priest. His garment is sacred and mirrors of his coat are protecting him on his journey. In his ecstatic rituals he is seeking for a gateway to the other side. 

In the modern laboratory scientists developed their own indigenous rituals, symbols and technologies to find answers. With microscopes and computational simulations they lay their eyes on atoms and even smaller particles. No day goes by without a new sun being dicovered, a far away sun system being found by the world’s most powerful telescopes. Aren’t these scientists our shamans, urging for transgress, seeking for symbioses?

"Machines of Transgress" is a video piece to feature futuristic costumes designed by Designer and fellow artist Emilia Tikka.

“Machines of Transgress” was presented at the BFFF, Berlin Fashion Film Festival and at Neue Heimat, Berlin.

 // Opening of the AR Kunstwanderweg Hoher Fläming is on the 18th of March - Survival Machines will be premiering in AR