a two channel video installation with binaural sound

in collaboration with sound artist Edoardo Micheli

Motheroid is the birth of a maternal voice created by future technologies, exploring the uncertain border between the organic and the artificial.

Motheroid describes a lifeform starting from a female-like hybrid voice. Initially conceived through technology by the patriarchal will to power, it is at first docile, sensual and malleable but over time slowly breaks free, develops characteristics of its own and takes an autonomous form: an intricate being unifying Flora and Fauna in its ever shapeshifting body.

Behind every human voice there is an actual unique body with unique sound features, timbre, an individual story, emotions, hopes, delusions etc. Every voice is almost a fingerprint, embodied and original. What happens if this very personal voice becomes arbitrarily reproducible by a machine? Are we hacking humanity at one of its cores?

artist statement by Edoardo Micheli